Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I Can Haz Productivity: july 2013 Month in Review

It seems to me like each month is getting steadily crazier. May seemed insane until June happened. And I thought June was intense until July snuck up and punched me in the face. Ouch. *rubs jaw* I can't believe August is right around the corner. (My baby sister get's married in August!! yippee - but more on that later)

It's hard to believe the 4th of July happened this month. I mean, so much has gone on. I hope everyone had an awesome holiday. I was lucky enough to spend it in Missouri with my fam. Here's an action shot of my hubby, sister, and older brother playing croquette, a family 4th of July tradition.

We used to play badminton as well, back before I dislocated my arm playing. We almost won that match too. *blast*

The holiday was fabulous but the highlight of July was RWA ATL. I wrote a little about the Ah mazing!, ICYMI. The workshops, the signings, the friends were totally worth every cent and sacrifice. I’m so thrilled I was able to go.

The Monday after the Con was my 1 year blogiversary!! Woot woot! I talk about it a little here. It’s pretty cool to look back over my posts and see how far they’ve come. I hope I have a similar retrospective moment at the end of this calendar year. *fingers crossed* I'm hoping to see my word count each month progress. *downs coffee*

And although I’m technically still ‘paroled’ from Corporate America my temporary gig has required me to spend every week in South Carolina. It’s fun to work in another state but it can wear you out as well. Anyone who travels a lot for work knows what I mean. The week of RWA I was able to get a break from schlepping back and forth to SC. So that was a welcomed change.

Here's an action shot of me working from the SC hotel. Look at all those scribbles.

And in true, amazing-activity fashion, all of this took time away from writing. Which is okay, I learned the hard way (over the last few months) not to set a goal of 1k a day. *coughs* My chops aren’t that good…yet. Instead I set my go-to goal of 300 words a day.

With everything going on I’m surprised I was able to get words in at all. The July productivity recap is as follows:

9 blog posts, including my first giveaway! Fun fun!
3 novels read
3 days of mind blowing cool at RWA
1 finished WIP!!

Sadly, I did not hit my 300 words-a-day goal. No. I FREAKING BLEW IT OUT OF THE WATER!! *does happy dance *

For a grand total of 29,656 words. Holy word count Batman! That’s my best word count yet. Well, since I began tracking it monthly anyway. *does happy dance* I’m so thrilled. Not bad, not bad at all. And even better, this brings my total ‘tracked’ word count for the year to 61,310! Bow chicka bow wow! That’s incredible!!

Check out how I did in June, May, and April.

I’ve been really preoccupied with setting a solid ‘stretch’ goal for word count. Something that is achievable but also challenging. I’m wondering if the number is even that important. Maybe the daily word count should be derivative of the produce goal. Example: if I want to write three books a year would my word count goal need to be higher? Yes.

So my next step is to set an ‘end product’ goal. Is it one book a year? Is it two? And from there reverse engineer the necessary daily word count goals. So stay tuned.

How are your writing goals coming along? How do you determine you daily word goals?

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