Handsome Jack and I started rescuing stray kittens a few years back. So far we've saved and placed more than 10 kittens in loving, forever-homes. Remember to be a hero and spay or neuter your pets. Here are some of the cute little guys. *prepare to squee*

This little guy was patrolling our backyard.

Who doesn't want to sleep in a basket full of towels.

Here is his sister also partaking in the basket full of towels.

When she wasn't nesting in towels she was sleeping in the sink.

Our first rescue: Luna Bell. This was during her first flea bath.

All three under the table and dreaming. (See what I did there?)

This little guy was tossed out of a moving car onto a busy road. Luckily my husband found him in time. He is now healthy and in a very loving home.

Here is Luna Bell sleeping in a sock drawer.

During a recent move my cats gave me the stink eye.

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