Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Adventures, I've had you

What do carbs, inflatable fish, and rollercoasters have in common? You're thinking I'm crazy. Wait for it, I'm not crazy. Or too crazy I should say.

They were all part of my month of May.

This month has been a challenging writing month for me. First, because I’ve exhausted my outline and am at a loss for how to move my story forward. Second, because my month was full of mini breaks and family visits: more happy than sad, though, so that’s good.

I’m originally form the STL (yes, I still call it that) and both my family and my husband’s family still live there. This month I made the trip to STL twice (once for a funeral and again for an extended weekend to celebrate my sister’s graduation from nursing school.

But wait, there’s more! I spent the holiday weekend in Ohio for my sister’s bridal shower. I should have tracked my miles like I track my word count.

We had some adventures this month:

A trip to Arch Park – if you haven’t been, you absolutely should go (I’m not biased or anything…). It’s really cool. This pic doesn't really do it justice.

A Cardinals game in the beautiful, new, Busch stadium. Go Cards!

Here’s an action shot of my beautiful sister graduating from nursing school #proudsister

And a pic of our friendly, inflatable house bass partaking in the grad party. #likeaboss #likeabass. LOL

A trip to the King’s Island. You know it’s an Amusement Park if you can eat giant turkey legs like a barbarian.

No trip to Ohio is complete without some Skyline Chili. I’m a pescaterian, the only meat I eat is fish, but I made a special exception for Skyline. It’s the food of the gods.

If you know King’s Island you know The Beast. A giant wooden (read, rickety and terrifying) rollercoaster. I got this beautiful bruise from The Beast. #ouch Follow my #bruisewatch2013 tweets here.

*sight* I’m a little tired just recounting it all. It’s been busy. All this travel AND my Day Job daily grind. I dealt with the stress by grazing on carbs.

I was lucky to slip any words in at all.

How do you fit writing into you summer travels?

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