Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Three years a-bloggin' *fire the cupcake cannons*

It's time to celebrate three fantastic years on this blog! I can't believe it's been that long.

So, like last year (and the year before that), I’m going to celebrate with a little blog stats (in case you couldn’t tell, I love stats). So here we go:

Number of blog posts this year: 71 (that's 24 fewer posts than last year but that's okay. I'm going for quality not quantity)
Top five most popular posts this year (in order):

*note - there is a fitness theme in this year's most popular posts. After all, this was the year I ran Dopey and who does't love #runDisney?

1. DIY Rapunzel Running Costume #runDisney - 490 hits

2. My Kevin (from Up) Running Costume #runDisney – 277 hits

3. My Thoughts on Nice-guy (and girl) Sexism 103 hits

4. #runDisney costume ideas for the men in your races100 hits

5. 2015 Walt Disney World Marathon Recap97 hits

Seeing all these race posts makes me hungry for another run.*opens calendar* *starts planning*

All in all, I’ve really enjoyed this past year on the blog. I think blogging has made me accountable and more committed to my goals. I am confident all of the work and discipline over the last year has made me a better writer.

So happy blogaversary everyone who's enjoyed this blog over the last three years. To celebrate I’ve collected hot boy gifs for your enjoyment.

Olicity, because Olicity:

Thor, because dat wink tho:

Loki, because who doesn't like a badboy:

The cast of Magic Mike XXL, because who doesn’t love a guy who can move:

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