Thursday, July 16, 2015

For the love of 5k's

The half marathon is my favorite distance. I’ve run a boat load of Half’s and even a few Full’s. There is an enlightenment that comes with pushing your body farther than you think possible.

But Half’s and Full’s aren’t the only way to have a fun, rewarding experience racing. Here are 5 reasons I love 5k’s:

1. They’re cheap – most of the time. Sure, a mud run is going to be pricier, but for the most part 5k’s are way cheaper than a Half or Full. Where a full might cost more than 100$ a 5k will likely be priced around 20-30$.

2. They’re fast (even if you aren’t) – I’m a fairly slow runner. I’m not qualifying for Boston anytime soon. Where a Half might take me 2.5-3 hours a 5k is going to take just over 30 mins. Don’t even get me started on my Full times (they’re long races at my pace. Check out some of my past times on my RunDisney page.

3. They’re friendly – Some Half’s and most Full’s take themselves pretty seriously. Those races are big deals so people’s attitudes can be prickly. I’ve seen people get elbowed, spit on, cussed at, and called a cheater by racers at Half’s and Full’s. I’ve never seen that behavior at a 5k. Most people are there for fun.

4. They require minimal training (if you are into that sort of thing) – Hard core running isn’t for everyone. I’m not even close to being hard core and I find it hard to fit training for long races into my life. A 5k is a great tune-up event. You can train or not train. You can set a goal or not set a goal. You can push hard or not push hard. The race it what you make of it and the distance is short enough to allow you to challenge yourself (or not).

5. They’re everywhere – 5k’s are offered all the time all over the place. Our local race calendar shows multiple 5k’s almost every weekend from now until winter. These little races pop up in just about any and every community. I like running races close to home but I also enjoy running through new areas.

I’ve got a race coming up this weekend and, you guessed it, it’s a 5k. I’m looking forward to having a blast on a cheap, fast, friendly, local 5k. And yes, I have been training.

Which distance is your favorite?

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