Monday, December 15, 2014

Alice in Wonderland Inspired Running Costume #runDisney #DopeyChallenge

As you know, Handsome Jack and I signed up for the 2015 #DopeyChallenge. What's that, you ask?

The Dopey Challenge is 4 races over 4 days beginning with a 5k and increasing in distance, culminating with a full marathon. Having run a few Disney races already I knew I wanted to do costumes for Dopey. See my post about Disney races and costumes here.

So far I've shown my Tinker Bell costume, my Rapunzel costume, and most recently, my Kevin (from UP) costume. Three down - one to go.

So today I want to share my final female costume for the #DopeyChallenge: Alice in Wonderland. Here's my inspiration

Of course I grew up watching this Disney classic. I even read both books (I liked Through the Looking Glass a lot more than Adventures in Wonderland). I've always enjoyed these stories and Disney's presentation of them. So running as Alice during one of the #DopeyChallenge races was an obvious choice.

Now, most of my costume elements were athletic wear I already had lying around the house. The blue shirt and visor (to protect my face from the sun - a must have since I'm planning on wearing this one on a longer race) were old favorites that I knew would do well on race day. I added a black satin ribbon to the visor and topped it off with a bow. Totes adorbs.

Next, I needed a white apron and some shorts, which were store bought (or, well, internet bought). Note: I made some pretty major alterations to the apron so that it would fit properly (sorry, no pics). I shortened it, cut off the pieces that crossed in the back (even though they were authentic to costume look), and lengthened the neck loop all in hopes of ensuring it will be comfortable on a long run.

And to top it all off, I decided to go with a super fluffy tutu. Here's how I made the tutu:

First, wrap your tulle around a piece of cardboard.

Once the entire roll of tulle is wrapped around the cardboard template snip the pieces at each end.

Now, wrap two strips of tulle around your fingers and thread the piece through the crocheted elastic.

Repeat, and soon you will have a fluffy tutu. Check out these tutorials (here and here) for more tutu help.

Here is the finished costume:

I'm pretty happy with it! Looking forward to running in it at Disney.

Are you running a Disney race? Planning a costume? Share the details here.

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