Thursday, April 24, 2014

Current Musical Obsession: SMASH

If I didn't make this clear, I love musical theater. In college, I had a few friends who were theater majors. Hanging out with them was a thrill. I was cool by association.

Well, as cool as a nerdy theater wannabe can be...I guess.

Anyway, I felt lucky to go to a school where I could see these amazing productions every semester. It inspired in me a deep appreciation for all things theater.

Tonight, I'm FINALLY going to see Lion King. The Broadway production is on tour in ATL. *jumps up and down* I'm so thrilled I might come out of my skin.

So to celebrate, I want to share with you another of my musical obsessions. I can’t seem to get this song out of my head. It’s from SMASH. Yeah, that TV show following a crew trying to make it on Broadway. Okay, I’ve heard a lot of arguments for why that show may not have been accurate. But I don’t care. I loved that show.

I loved Katherine McPhee. I absolutely loved her. I also pretty much adored the entire cast, except that stupid assistant guy from season 1.

Title: Broadway Here I Come
From: SMASH featuring Jeremy Jordan

Here are some lyrics (my favorite part):
The pressure it increases
The closer that I get
I could almost go to pieces
But I'm not quite there yet
See, I've been bravin' crazy weather
Drownin' out my cries
I pull myself together
I'm focused on the prize

I'm fallin', baby
Through the sky, through the sky
I'm fallin', baby through the sky
It's my callin', baby
Don't you cry, don't you cry
'Cause I'm fallin' down through the sky

And it's a tune you can hum
Oh, Broadway here I come

Will I remain the same
Or will I change a little bit?
Will I feel broken or totally complete?
Will I retain my name when I'm the biggest, hugest hit?
Or will I blend in with the rest of the street

The people all are pointing
I bet they'd never guess
That the saint that they're anointing
Is frightened of the mess
But even though I fear it
I'm playin' all my cards...
Baby, you are gonna hear it
When I give them my regards

Now Jeremy Jordan has a beautiful voice. It’s absolutely creamy and melancholy. I can’t get enough of it. And when he sings about ‘playing all his cards’ in the face of fear, I feel like it’s a battle cry for every wanna be writer/actor/musician/artist.

He might as well be Mel Gibson on a steed giving me a pep talk before leading us artist-types into battle.
I absolutely love this one.

*Yells 'Freeeeeedooom'*

What songs have inspired you or your work right now?

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  1. We loved Smash! Is it going to be coming back on? Have fun at TLK, I'd love to see that someday. My name means 'like a lioness' so I have a special affinity for lions. =)


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