Monday, November 25, 2013

Author Interview: Priya Kanaparti aka The Goddess of Multitasking

One of my favorite people, Priya Kanaparti, has been kind enough to visit the blog.

You may remember Priya’s work from this debut interview. She is an indie author whose book, Dracian Legacy, is scheduled to re- release in Feb 2014. Priya is very active on Twitter and Goodreads where she's been known to drop teasers of her current WIP's (note: yes, I said WIP's as in multiple. She's the goddess of multitasking).

She’s been very busy lately and has a lot of news to share.

1. Okay lady, it’s been a while since you were last on the blog (when your debut, DL, was first released). Since then, your book has been picked up by a publisher. What has that been like?

PK: Oh my goodness, it’s been beautifully crazy! Lol. The publisher I finally decided to work with is super amazing. They are called Reuts Publications and I completely fell in love with their people and their process! I’m super excited to have the final version of Dracian Legacy out to the world once again in Feb 2014!

2. Reuts sounds fabulous and I love their website. Congrats on working with them! Let's see, the publisher has you working on edits for DL before it re-releases. That’s one WIP. A little birdie told me you are working on a few other ideas as well? Is that true? If so, share here :)

PK: I’m always working on Multiple projects! Always. But then again, that might be why I’m not able to produce finished stories as quickly. Lol. Let’s see so right now, I’ve finished the edits for DL, completed Dracian Origins (Book #2 of Dracian Series) and sent it off to my Editor, along with Forever Kinda Love (which is a Mature YA Contemporary Romance.) Phew!

Now that all of those are off my plate, I’m super excited to start my next project. Butterfly Pieces. This is a New Adult Contemporary Romance which I’m planning on releasing sometime in 2015. I’m taking this up as my Nanowrimo challenge. So I won’t be working on other projects, until December starts.

3. Wow, Priya (or should I call you Super Woman?!?!).
With all these ideas in your head and all the demands on your time how do you manage your writing? Do you have structured writing times? How do you decide which project to work on?

PK: Lol. Thanks…? My writing times have always been kind of structured. What I mean is, I try to get two hrs of writing every night, M-Th. This usually starts after my 3 year old is in bed and snoring away. But my ‘set time’ is on Saturdays and Sundays when I sit down from 9:30 p.m. until 3 a.m. the following morning. Usually I make up a lot of my writing during these 5 hr blocks.

As for deciding on projects, I usually go with which ever story is calling to me first and how refined a story is in my head. I don’t use calendars or dry-erase boards. They are all just up in my head. lol

4. I know you are a Pantser at heart. But do you use any special word processing software to help you with your projects? I hear Scrivener is a writers’ best friend.

PK: Lol. I’m a total punster, BUT I’m getting better, in the sense, I’ve been writing my first draft more or less in outline format, where I sit down and write out scenes with dialogues. I don’t worry about showing vs. telling or worry about removing a scene. Usually my first draft outlines these days have been around 800 words per chapter. And I don’t use any software. It’s Microsoft word all the way :)

5. If you could go for a night of drinking with any fictional characters, who would they be and why?

PK: DEAN from My Dracian Series. I want to know WHY he motivated me to write a story. Because if it wasn’t for Dean, I don’t think I’d be writing J. That’s the truth.

I don't blame you. I love love LOVE Dean. He's such a cutie.

PK: Thank you sooooo much for having me on your blog Colleen!

Thanks so much for stopping by. It’s always good to catch up. And congratulations on all your upcoming work.


  1. Nice to meet you, Priya! I wish I were better at multi-tasking. And congrats on the upcoming re-release!

    1. Hi Leandra! Nice to meet you too and thank you! And some days i'm not much of a tasker. But I try! Colleen is being tooo nice! :).

  2. Colleen! AHHH! Thank you for having me on your website again! You truly are a wonderful sweet person. I'm SOOOO glad we met. THANK YOU again for having me on your blogggggg... <3

  3. First, I love the cat at the end of this post..LOL

    Okay, So you are spot-on about Priya. I've never met anyone who's so good at multi-tasking. :) Can't wait to read all her upcoming projects. :)

    1. Follow Priya's blog, Goodreads page, or check out the Reuts website for more details on her projects. She's a talented and amazing :)

  4. This was a nice interview. Wow, Priya is very dedicated! Funny how we all have different times for our writing. For me, it's early in the a.m.

    Congrats, Priya, and thanks for the interview, Colleen.


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