Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ten Years Together? Fire The Cupcake Cannons!

Today marks the tenth year my husband and I have been together. We've known each other for much longer but we've officially been together for ten years (dating 2, married 8). We have a fun story that I'm sure I'll share here some day - when I'm not in a NaNoWriMo shame spiral, but I digress.

Today is about ten. Ten years together! It’s a long time and I’m so thankful for every moment we’ve shared (even the bad ones). And, oh yes, there have been tough times. It's not all cakes, and flowers, and romance novel moments. It's visceral and challenging and real. Which, in my humble opinion, is better anyway.

Here's a pic of us before a dance in high school. Talk about throw back Thursday! I'm sixteen in these pics. Ah, the memories.

(BTW, I wore that same dress to three high school dances. And when I didn't wear it I was usually borrowing someone's worn-before dress. I was pretty lucky to have such wonderful girlfriends. *blows kisses to all my girlfriends*)

Some of the most challenging times of our relationship were when we were dating long distance (which, forgive me while I date myself: the very young cannot appreciate the pain of long distance dating AT ALL. We dated long distance when writing HAND WRITTEN letters and saving pennies for long distance phone calls was the only method of communication. If you just thought 'what the heck is a long distance phone call' you're lucky LOL). We were separated by money, miles, time zones, and even oceans. The fact that we are together, after all that time apart is beyond words.

When I read a story that touches my heart it’s undoubtedly because the story reminds me of us, of him, of our trials and tribulations, and our very own HEA.

*raises glass* Here's to many more years of HEA <3 *muah*

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  1. AAAAW So cute!!! Congrats on a huge milestone. And seriously. Young kids nowadays probably don't even know what a Collect call is either!


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