Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wedding Mischief Managed

My little sister is married!! It’s both wonderful and a little sad. Now, before you go thinking I’m a weirdo for being a little sad, let me explain.

I love my new Brother-in-Law (or BIL as we jokingly called him throughout their engagement). He’s another little brother I can pick on and rely on. He’s awesome to her and to our family. In fact, we’ve long considered him to be one of our best friends. So no sadness there. Here's a cute pic of the happy couple.

Where the sadness comes in is totally selfish. I’m sad that I have to share my awesome sister with another family. For my entire life she has been my sister first, and friend/cousin/roommate/girlfriend/etc second. Sister card trumps all others (except for maybe the mother card. *waves* Hi Mom).

But now the sister card is second to the wife card. She’ll be a wife first, and my sister second. And although my heart is full of joy for her there is a little echo of sadness too. I never expected this.

I wonder if Lizzy Bennett felt this way about her sister after the thrill of her own wedding quieted. Or maybe it never quieted for Elizabeth, because, um, Mr. Darcy?! Yum.

Since I know how everyone loves a good wedding, here are a few shots from the amazing day. Walking down the aisle with Dad. *tears up*

We were in downtown St. Louis. Love the Arch. It’s my favorite monument. This pic was taken from the top of a rotating restaurant where the rehearsal dinner was held.

And here is a shot of the bride getting ready. She’s beautiful.

And here is a shot of the wedding itself. The entire thing was so picturesque, I can’t wait to see what the real photog’s got.

As Matron of Honor I had many duties throughout the event, the most nerve-wracking of which was the toast. Of course I couldn’t just write one toast. I wrote four. LOL.

But I only managed to recite two of them. The first was during the Bachelorette Party. Here is my toast that started the evening.

Before we begin the festivities I wanted to share a story with all of you about something that happened while we were dress shopping. We had just found the dress. My sister looked amazing in it. She cried. We cried. The saleswoman cried. And some shopper nearby cried. We knew it was The Dress.

We went to check out and order all the stuff that goes along with the wedding dress. We were near the front door when a little girl, maybe 5 years old, started pushing on the glass, trying to open the door and leave. A slightly older girl, maybe 8 years old, ran to her side, grabbed her hand and said “No, I’m the big sister, you’re the little sister, hold my hand and never let go.” The older girl took her sisters’ hand and the two pushed open the door.

I think every woman in the store was holding their breath.

So, my little sister, I want to say to you today is that I’m the big sister and you are the little sister. Hold my hand and never let go. Luckily for us, I think god gave us two hands for a reason, one, to hold and support our sisters and the other, to celebrate. Let’s raise our glasses to my sister. *cheers*

I would share some pictures from the party but those have all been censored to protect the innocent but here is an idea of what the party was like.

Now, my second toast was at the wedding reception. I had a lot to say but was too emotional to say it all.

I managed to tell her how proud I was of her. How beautiful she looked. And how happy I was that she found her soul mate.

I looked down at my sister, saw her tearing up, and lost it.

I had a great bit about rollercoasters and enjoying the ride (she loves rollercoasters, btw). But I couldn’t get the words out. So I sat down.

All in all, my sisters wedding was fabulous. I was honored and thrilled to be a part of it. And as time goes on, the echo of sadness at losing the superiority of the sister card is softened by the excitement at having a truly epic family. *loves*

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