Wednesday, January 4, 2017

2016 in Review and other observations of a caffinated introvert

Hello all, it has been much to long since I've last updated this lovely blog but it's the new year and you know what that means. It's time to look back in order to learn and move forward.

2016 was such crap on many levels and utterly wonderful at the same time. It was a year of new experiences and a year of tremendous losses.

Some highlights of 2016 include:

A trip to the beach with Handsome Jack's family which involved meeting kangaroos was a blast.

Also, I took a trip to a nearby lake with my family and we had a blast.

Lastly, I spent some lovely days with my girl friends in Memphis which was so fun.

Law School
I've survived a full year of law school!! That's 3 sets of exams I've conquered (and law school exams are just killer.)

I made the Moot Court team for our school and argued like a boss at out competition. We didn't make it to nationals but we did great.

I started 2016 with the goal of running 12 5k's over 12 months....but fell short.

However, the races I attended were fun.

I crammed several 'fun reads' into my breaks between semesters including some great books by some of my favorite authors including Kristen Proby, Kate Willoughby, Ashley Poston.

I did not hit any writing goals - I mean, other than the writing projects I needed for school.

There are a lot of things that I missed completely (see my 2016 Happiness Project post or my Q1 update for more details on my lofty goals for 2016). And I experienced crushing loss: the loss of my friend and the loss of my nephew.

In the end, though, it was a great year. I am thankful for all the time I've had with friends and family - every moment is such a precious gift - and look forward to more wonderful moments in the coming year. I'm grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow and challenge myself, intellectually and physically, with the rigor of law school. I truly love what I'm learning - even though I hate exams.

I hope your 2016 had more shine than tarnish and I hope you celebrated surviving another year. Never forget to celebrate. **Cheers**

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