Monday, January 18, 2016

7 Literary Agents To Follow In 2016

Over the last few years I've been spreading the word about some awesome Agents out there.

Usually the posts about agents are among my most popular posts. Which is great – yay page views. But over time the information shared in my previous posts became outdated. Agents leave the business or close to submissions and therefore tweet less, etc etc. This business is fast moving and full of surprise.

So once again it's time for a new and improved: 7 Literary Agents You Should Be Following in 2016. This list is comprised of Agents who provide helpful feedback or resources to writers via twitter:

1. Jennifer Laughran aka @literaticat - Jennifer has been known to blog and tweet sage advice. I love her Big Ol' Genre Glossary.

2. Clelia Gore of Martin Literary Management. She's bright, happy, and upbeat. She has recently been involved online and participates in contests. Follow her on twitter to check out all her wonderful advice.

3. Pam Howell aka @bookaliciouspam - A self proclaimed super geek which immediately makes her awesome. Her blog is a terrific resource. She's moved around a bit but her advice is on point, as always.

4. Peter Knapp with New Leaf Literary. He reps a lot of fabulous clients and interacts with a lot of folks online. Follow him to learn what he's looking for before submitting.

5. Sara Megibow aka @SaraMegibow, with KT Literary. She does #Tenqueries and tweets great feedback.

6. Bree Ogden: of Red Sofa Literary (formerly of D4EO). Tweets regularly and columnist at LitReactor. She reps darker lit and has a quirky sense of humor and style.

7. Mandy Hubbard: of Emerald City Literary Agency (formerly of D4EO). She recently launched her own agency and tweets regularly. Her insight has been very influential in my writting evolution (I even took her LitReactor class on YA).

And for a bonus:

Mark O'Brien - okay, he's not a literary agent but he is an intern at Entangled Pub. He tweets amazing insights into writing and life (always with a splash of humor). He is a terrific resource so check him out.

Want more Agents to follow? Check out this post.

Which Agents do you love to follow? Has an agent tweet helped you on your path to publication?

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  1. Thanks for the list! I went and followed several. And I didn't know Mandy Hubbard had started her own agency, neat!


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