Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I Can Haz Productivity: August 2014 month in review

August was…August. July was amazing! But August was busy and stressful and just plain hard.

For the most part, I managed to stay in one place in August(unlike July) and the good thing about staying put is there are more chances to write. I came into the month swinging. I hit my word counts each day and I wrote 6 days a week….but then something unexpected happened. Burn out.

Not in the same way that I’ve burnt out before (where I can’t pick up a book or open a word doc without ennui). This burn out was more along the lines of fatigue. I was tired. Staying up late and waking up early to hit my targets had started taking a toll.

Around the same time I was giving in to my fatigue I was feeling overwhelmed with my plot. In this WIP I’ve tried my hand at better pre-plotting. And with all good intentions, things tend to go awry. My story took turns I didn’t plan for and this meant my outline for the third act no longer applied. I stepped away from the story to get a little perspective.

Luckily, we had running, hiking, and runDisney costume crafts to keep me distracted.

Unfortunately, I beat up my knee pretty good on the hike and spent the rest of the weekend like this:

Reading really helped with my burn out. I even read outside my genre which was fun.

Let’s take a look at the stats:

0 Partial beta for CP's (everyone seems to be drafting their hearts out)
2 runDisney costume completed (more on that later)
6 novels read for fun
1 out of town hiking trip
1 long trail run
13 gym workouts (including elliptical and personal trainer)

And words!!! *does happy dance * For a grand total of 28,208 words. This brings my total ‘tracked’ word count to 112,572 for the year!

And as for miles ran, I am happy to report, 33.4 miles logged. Which brings my total ‘tracked’ mileage to 145.5 miles this year. I’m happy to be falling in love with running again.

All in all, it’s not a bad month. Looking forward to making further strides in my draft next month.

#NeverGiveUp #NeverSurrender
How are your writing goals coming along?


  1. I was tired too in August and a little ill so in the end I din't draw nothing but I maneged to read books and wait for the hot weather to go away. It's good you menaged to relax yourself,everynow and then needed. Hope you fell better with your knee:)

    1. Thanks so much! Went to the doctor for the knee and luckily it's nothing serious. More ice and rest and I should be fine.

  2. Congrats on all the words and for hitting it hard in exercise! I just started working out 3 days a week. It feels good to get up and get my heart rate going. Hopefully losing a few pounds will be a nice side effect! =)

    1. Hey Leandra, that's awesome! It's interesting how working out can actually give you more energy :)


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