Thursday, January 23, 2014

7 Hashtags Every Writer Should Know

If you're a N0ob in the Twitterverse have no fear. There are many hashtags that can bring you closer to writing/publishing enlightenment. In an effort to update my resources I decided to refresh this post with some great tags.

Here are 7 Hashtags Every Writer Should Follow:

1. #askagent - a forum where authors seek advice from Agents. Calm your pits, it's not the same as representation. These Agents are giving general advice to authors about a variety of topics.

2. #nanowrimo - This tag is most highly utilized during, you guessed it: NaNoWriMo. Follow this tag and you'll get great insight into the highs and lows of the infamous novel writing challenge. A lot of NaNo participants will post tips on preparing for the big event so It’s worth checking out.

3. #MSWL – Manuscript Wish List. This was an amazing event during summer 2013 where agents and editors posted what they were looking for (story ideas) under one tag: #MSWL. I’m not sure on the origin of this event because it sorta snuck up on me like rather serendipitously. I had just been laid off and had all the time in the world to troll through twitter. I might have broken my mouse by clicking refresh a billion times.

4. #yalitchat - If you're a fan of YA, like me, then you'll want to follow the activity on this tag. Insights from writers, editors, agents, and teens help make this a insightful resource for authors.

5. #NALitChat – the super sexy, older cousin of YALitChat, NA Lit Chat is legal, can buy you a drink at the bar, and drives a fast car. Actually, it’s just a collaborative discussion hosted by NA enthusiast. I’ve joined the chat several times and always leave feeling wiser.

6. #tenqueries – a tag Agents use to essentially ‘live tweet’ their review of queries in their box. Usually you get a short description of the genre and the agents thoughts. It’s pretty insightful especially if one of your ‘dream’ agents is the one doing the tweeting.

7. #amwriting or it’s fraternal twin, #amediting. Both are forums where people rant and rave though the up and downs of…you guessed it: writing and editing. . It's a great place to meet other writers and to vent about this glorious craft. These hashtags are used often which is always good for staying current.

Which hastags do you follow?


  1. Thanks for these! I recently joined Twitter, though I have yet to use a hashtag. They're slowly starting to make sense to me! =)

  2. I'm not very good with twitter:( But mostly is because I don't menage to follow it a lot:) Great post!


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