Thursday, October 22, 2015

TBT: Personal Stuff - My Tenth Wedding Anniversary

Today's TBT will be a little different because today is special. Ten years ago today I married Handsome Jack. On some days it doesn't feel like ten years while on other days it does. LOL.

We celebrated our anniversary early this year because we knew I'd be neck deep in law school. So tonight we will keep things low key.

But what's low key without a little nostalgia? So I wanted to share some silly pictures of Handsome Jack and I over the last ten years.



Prepare to say 'awwww'

Our first "real" date night. Here we are, as kids, going to a high school dance.

I just love these pics. It melts my heart to see our love, alive and well, all those years ago.

These shots were snapped 3 years ago to celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary.

I love how candid these pics are. We had a terrific photographer, Cindy Harter. Check out her site here: Cindy Harter Photography

Here's a more recent shot. Handsome Jack's hair is pretty long here put pulled back. Love his hair!

To my Handsome Jack:
Thank you for the last ten years. They were hard and fun and the best adventure I could ever imagine. Together we are writing our own HEA and I look forward to the next ten years, and the ten years after that, forever. Love always.

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