Thursday, February 12, 2015

TBT: What I Love About Running

I'm happy to introduce a new feature on the blog: Throw Back Thursday featuring posts from my archives. You know, because sometimes there is a post I love so much I want to share it again. And sometimes the words I mash into sentences on this blog are relevant or thought provoking. Either way, throughout the year I will be dredging the archives for relevant posts and offering them up as TBT.

Today's post is special to me seeing as how my running season is over (sigh). I stumbled across this post (originally published in Oct 2008) while cleaning up some old (aka ancient) social media. It's simple and I really connected with the passion in it. So, today, for my first TBT, I want to share What I Love About Running:


Today I was running my first 10k and somewhere around mile 5 I started counting the top 10 reasons why I love running.

10. I don't have to look pretty. I don't have to wear makeup or have cute hair. I can just sweat it out.

9. I get to see new places. I love running races in new parts of seeing is fun.

8. Meeting new people. There is always some nice old guy and some crazy ladies to chat I ran with a 90 year old man for about half a mile...he was great.

7. Competition. I love the little triumphs running provides.

6. Measurable goals. I can set goals that are actually attainable...I don't need to be a track star to feel good about my accomplishments.

5. You can be gross if you want to be. I wont lie...I giggled when I had to spit around mile 4. Where else can you just spit with no apologies? lol!

4. Reconnecting with your body. The human body is so amazing and is capable of great things.

3. Time to think. I like having time to zone out and just let my mind adventure.

2. Running gives me an excuse to rawk out to crazy music. My running mix currently includes the William Tell Overture, some Luda, Flo Rida, and crazy hip hop from Japan. Yeah buddy. That's right.

1. Its hard. Didn't someone say that if something was easy it wasn't worth while? Or hard things are great? Either way, running is wonderful because when you push yourself you grow.

What do you love about running?


  1. 90 & he did half a mile? I am so ashamed- I'm thirty and can prolly barely do that! Also, love the new header, very stylish!

    1. I know, right? He was so neat and such an inspiration. And thanks re new header. Felt like my page could us a bit of an update. :)


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