Thursday, December 5, 2013

Contests are Fun (see I can do it too): #PimpMyBio

If you’ve been one twitter in the last several days you’re feed has probably been swamped with #PitchWars posts. They are a everywhere.

If you’re not familiar with #PitchWars it’s a terrific contest hosted by the amazing Brenda Drake. Contestants apply to be mentored by established authors/editors.

If chosen, the mentor will read a completed MS and offer feedback over five weeks. After the feedback round the work will be eligible for bidding by agents. It’s a really cool contest. Check out more here. Or follow the hashtag on twitter.

The mentors created fun posts detailing why mentees would want to select them (check out the mentor's blogs via Brenda Drake). Some crazy mentee decided they would do the same and started the #PimpMyBio trend. I thought I’d jump in.

Here are five things you didn’t know about me:

1. I love Adventure Time.

I love EVERYTHING about it. Lumpy Space Princess is one of my favorite characters. If you choose me as a mentee I know we will be mathematical together.

2. I come from a big-ish family.

I am the second of 4 kids. There was a good deal of teasing when I was a kid so there is practically nothing you can do or say to offend me. Tough love? No problem. I have a thick skin.

3. I’m a huge nerd.

Band nerd? Yes. Comic books? Star Trek and TNG? Totally yes. Star Wars? You betcha (except for the prequels). Superhero movies. Yes. Anime? Yep. Cosplay? I’m getting there…*puts on Sailor Moon costume and runs around house*.

4. I can’t cook. My cats use my stove as a bed, see.

I once gave myself food poisoning. Which was a good, ultimately, because now I direct all my creativity to writing.

5. I can have entire conversations using nothing but movie quotes.

Which makes me an awesome friend and just generally fun to have around. It’s a ridiculous skill that I’ve honed over several years of marriage to my husband (who also loves quoting movies).

Want to learn more about other contestants? Check out these other brave writers via the Mentee Blog Hop.

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