Wednesday, February 26, 2014

9 Articles That Can Improve Your Craft

My mission in starting this blog was to create a resource library, of sorts, for myself *buffs nails on chest* because I'm a collector. But when it came time to make sense of my writing advice collection I was overwhelmed. Where to start? There is a ton of advice on the interweb. Trying to make sense of it all can be a bit...frightening.

Good thing fear doesn't stop writers, it fuels us.

I jumped head first into the swirling, whirling, madness that is advice on the web and set about pooling all the best, IMHO, writerly advice into a giant vault. Mostly so I could swim around in it, like this:

My entire vault can be accessed any time via the resource tab of my blog.

But for those writers who demand immediate gratification, (*looks at you* yeah, I know you want it)here's some highlights:

1. From PIXAR, 22 Tips on Story Telling

2. From Stephen King, 20 Tips for Becoming a Frightening Good Writer

3. Sage advice from Natalie Whipple a YA writer and card-carrying nerd.

What Natalie Whipple Would Say to New Writers

Pulling a Story Out of Nowhere

Natalie's thoughts on 'When the [writing] Honeymoon Ends'

4. From Raewyn Hewitt, Bridget Jones meets Tolkien, an ordinary girl, writing a story of epic proportions...

When Writing Gets Hard

5. From Chuck Wendig 25 Hard Truths About Writing

6. Oldie, but goodies: From the wiseNathan Bransford, industry insight and advice.

From Twitter: Advice in 140 characters

10 Commandments For the Happy Writer

What do Agents Do Anyway

How a Book Gets Made

Nathan's writing advice database

7. From Dahlia Adler, a founding member of the YAMisfits, Q&A compilations:

Q&A for Querying Writers

Q&A for Agented Writers

Q&A for Pre Pub writers

8. On Beat Sheeting: Beat sheet for romance by Jami Gold

9. How to Fix the Dreaded Info Dump by Amber A Bardan, Jami Gold

What sites do you like? What advice would you give someone starting down the writerly path?


  1. Thanks for the links! Off to read em :)

  2. This is a lot of insight, and thank you. Without yet having gone through it all, I hope there's one suggestion in the list above that simply says: write and keep writing and don't worry. One concern writers may have is that they are so overwhelmed with all the things they're supposed to do that they never get brave enough to just sit down at the keyboard, start banging away and learning by doing!


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