Thursday, February 6, 2014

Olympics - Jocks Achieving Greatly or a Nerd Chasing a Dream?

The Olympics kick off today, best birthday present this nerd could ask for btw.

I love the Olympics. I think I just love watching someone aggressively pursuing their dreams (that’s also a super fun part of following writers on twitter – go get those dreams!)

Is it possible to be an Olympics nerd? Do they have a fandom I can join because, I would love that.

It’s always been a huge part of my life. Not because I was ever athletically gifted – quite the opposite, really. I’m about as athletically gifted as Bella Swan. But I remember watching the Olympics on the first TV I had in my room when I was a kid. It was one of those TV’s that only got 4 channels and had two knobs – I never could figure out what the second one was for because it never seemed to do anything.

Anyway, I adored the pomp and ceremony. I held my breath as athletes raced to the finish line or struggled to leave their personal best out there. I even had a cassette tape with the Olympic Fanfare and Theme music used during the opening ceremonies. (Did I also mention I was a band nerd?)

I love the Olympics, whether it’s winter or summer, because it is a reminder to us all that hard work, discipline, and sheer will can accomplish amazing things. That we are, all of us, are capable of so much more than we think we are.

And for a nerd chasing a dream, it’s inspiring to see so many people accomplishing theirs.

Do you love the Olympics? What are your favorite events?

Some of mine include:

In the Winter Games: Skiing slalom, snowboarding and skiing high jump (anything aerial usually gets my blood pumping), bobsled (Did you hear? LoLo Jones is competing in bobsled this year! Awesome!!), and figure skating

In the Summer Games: track and field events, marathon (of course), swimming, gymnastics (men and women’s), and weight lifting (which is surprisingly impressive)

Share your favorite Olympic moments here:


  1. I love the figure skating the best. The outfits and they way they float across the ice. Also, my one claim to fame in life is that I can do that cross-over thing w/my feet when turning corners in ice skating or roller skating. Are you impressed, Bella Swan? Lol! ;)

  2. I've always liked the Olympics! I don't watch all the events, but I remember as a kid always watching the athletes from other countries during the ceremonies. I found that fascinating. Where is Romania. What is Burkina Faso?

    I think the Sochi ceremony tonight is supposed to be huge.


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