Tuesday, February 4, 2014

8 Literary Agents You Should Be Following in 2014

In an effort to continue my writerly resources I decided to spread the word about some awesome Agents out there.

So last year my top 10 most popular posts varied a bit, but always in the top 5 was a little post I did about 7 literary agents you should be following. Which is great – yay page views. But over time the information I shared in that post became outdated. Brittany Howard is no longer an agent (although reading her tweet history might yield interesting details...but that sounds like a lot of work). Some agents are no longer open to submissions and therefore tweet less, etc etc. This business is fast moving and full of surprise.

Now, I'm not biased or anything: as of now I'm still unagented.

It’s time to update this post with a new and improved: 8 Lit Agents You Should Be Following in 2014. This list is comprised of Agents who provide helpful feedback or resources to writers via twitter:

1. Jennifer Laughran aka @literaticat - Jennifer has been known to blog and tweet sage advice. I love her Big Ol' Genre Glossary.

2. Sara Negovitch aka @SarahNego is an agent with the Corvisiero Lit Agency. She tweets helpful tid bits about the queries that grab her attention.

3. Sarah LaPolla - she's a live wire and fun to follow. Her snapping good advice has made me smile more than once.

4. Pam van Hylckama aka @bookaliciouspam - A self proclaimed super geek which immediately makes her awesome. Her blog is a terrific resource.

5. Laura Bradford: of Bradford Literary Agency. Her tweets are an interesting peek behind the curtain; a day in the life of an agent.

6. Sara Megibow aka @SaraMegibow, agent with The Nelson Literary Agency. She does #Tenqueries and tweets great feedback.

7. Bree Ogden: of D4EO. Tweets regularly and columnist at LitReactor.

8. Mandy Hubbard: also of D4EO. Tweets regularly and has been known to teach LitReactor classes on YA. I took her YA class last year and really enjoyed it. I highly recommend it.

Want more Agents to follow? Check out this post.

Which Agents do you love to follow? Has an agent tweet helped you on your path to publication?

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