Monday, January 25, 2016

Race Recap: One Down, Eleven to go #12in12

Remember when I posted my goal of running more? Specifically, I want to run 12 5k's in 2016. Well, my first 5k of my 12 5k challenge is done!

It took a herculean effort to get to this first race. It wasn't far from home, actually, it was right up the street and had an eight am start time (not bad). All good.

I just wanted to be sleeping at home with my kitties....but, alas, I made this a goal so I was going to run this race!

Luckily it was barely cold that morning so Handsome Jack and I weren't completely miserable as we waited for the race.

There were less than 200 people running which was exciting. Sometimes a small, local race is just what you need.

We lined up at ten til eight and waited for the the starting gun...or, in this case, a guy yelling 'start.'

We jogged along pretty well in the early morning, winter mist. Not full-on rain but not fog either. I was happy to run down streets I hadn't explored before.

Then the fatigue hit. Around mile 1 I was feeling flat. My break from running really showed. My muscles didn't hurt or ache but I felt sluggish. My cardiovascular fitness just wasn't there.

Now, I should say Handsome Jack was running on a torn ACL. Yep, that's right, he tore his ACL last year and we are waiting for a surgery slot so he can get it fixed. So when we targeted this race we knew it would be a slow, run-walk, starter race.

And we did walk.

We finished the 5k in 41.20. Not my worst time but certainly not my best. It's reminiscent of my first ever 5k's back in 2008. Sigh. It's amazing how fast your fitness can go.

But you know what, it's okay. It's a starting place. I can only get faster from here.

It was a great start to my goal. One down, eleven more to go!

To help me keep focused on my goal of 12 5k's in 1 year (not necessarily one a month but not necessarily not one a month, you know) I signed up for the 100 days of miles challenge. Check it out here.

The challenge comes with a super cool medal. Can't wait to earn that bling.

After the race I got back into studying.

Have you run any races in January? Share your experiences here:

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