Friday, January 2, 2015

I Can Haz Productivity: December 2014 Month in Review

It's 2015 – where did 2014 go? I can’t believe I’m writing my December 2014 month in review.

Recapping my monthly progress serves two purposes: 1. Keeps me honest and accountable to my goals, and 2. Reminds me just how much work I’ve done over the last year. So although I’m freaking out that 2015 is upon us, I’m also a little proud of all that I’ve achieved. Check out my 2014 Goal Recap here.

But enough general chit chat. Let’s get to the details. December is a big month for me. Family, traveling, holidays. It’s a lot. But I think I handled this year’s December with grace.

First, I must give a huge round of applause to Handsome Jack for winning his company's Ugly Sweater Contest with this masterpiece:

Isn't it wonderful? And because every masterpiece needs a name, he called this decadent disaster the "Puuuuur-fect Holiday Sweater."

We spent the week of Christmas with my family in St. Louis (don't worry, the sweater did not come along for the ride). We love visiting home but I don’t miss the cold. It’s frigid up there. I must have lost all my Yankee blood because I can’t handle northern winters anymore. Luckily, the weather gods smiled upon us because it was a very mild trip. On our way there we spotted the most splendid pickup truck:

Can you believe it? Those are hand painted, folks. Just too cool. This glorious truck was parked next to us. Like a little holiday miracle.

My miles dwindled. And for no good reason (unless mental fatigue, aka burnout, is a good reason). We just had a lot to do and running slipped off the list of priorities *gasps* which is basically a heretical statement for someone training for a marathon….ah well.

But that’s not to say I didn’t write or run. Cuz I did (just not as much as I would have liked). Here are the details:

1 Revision of WIP jumpstarted (woo hoo – nothing like a crit to get the creative juices flowing)
1 out of town trip to see family
8 runDisney costume final touches completed (the big show is right around the corner)
11 gym workouts (including elliptical and personal trainer)
3 novels read for fun

oh, and I hit my 200th blog post. So, that's cool.

And on top of all of that I still had words. *does happy dance* I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I struggle to track words when I’m revising. I cut, I add, I slash, I add, I delete, I add. It gets confusing. So I’ve given up on tracking my counts to the specific ‘t’. Instead, I go with what I capture and try to stay satisfied with the fact that my story (the true focus anyway) is improving. And I’ve seen this book baby improve!! So this month’s grand total of 4,3230 words. This brings my total ‘tracked’ word count to 142,844 for the year! Not too shabby.

And as for miles, I am a little embarrassed to report only 4 miles logged. Injuries and travel really cut into our running time. There were a few days where we did a good deal of walking but we weren't in the gym so I didn't log that distance. So, we seriously tapered for this race. Ah well. I'm still proud of my total ‘tracked’ mileage to 261.3 miles this year. I’m happy race day is right around the corner because I could use some extra rest days.

All in all, December was not a bad month. When combined with Nov, Oct, and Sept. I can really see the momentum. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished in 2014 and am looking forward to what the new year will bring.

#NeverGiveUp #NeverSurrender

How did you do on your writing goals this year?

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