Tuesday, January 20, 2015

2015 Walt Disney World 10k Recap

(don't worry, this post isn't as long as my Expo & 5k post)

10k day was another early morning start. Our costumes for this race were Peter Pan and Tinker Bell.

This time, we were alone in our efforts (no family joining us on this race) but we were meeting up with my amazing, spectacular, writing friend Cherylanne. She is an Orlando native so she drove to the race start to run with us. She even joined our Peter Pan costume theme as Mr. Smee.

I fully expected the course to be identical to the 5k with maybe a few little side jaunts or repeats. So I was pleasantly surprised when it became clear fairly early on that the 10k course was not a repeat of the morning before. Here's a course map.

Sure, we were running in Epcot, but it was a slightly different path which definitely kept things interesting.

It was warmer on 10k day – but not by much. I ran most of the race with my North Face jacket over my torso and arms (I couldn’t wear it the normal way because of the wings).

I had a few wardrobe malfunctions early on. The shoe covers with giant puff balls were super cute in pictures and walking around but when I started running they flopped around and tripped me (more than once).

Handsome Jack and I stopped to pull the puff balls off my shoes and lost our pirate friend. We didn’t catch back up with Cherylanne (aka Smee) until the finish line.

We saw Characters out along the course but didn't stop for any photos. All in all, the 10k was a fun run and a nice course. I love this distance and Disney did a terrific job with this race.

With the Half Marathon the next day we knew we would need an early start. We grabbed an early dinner at Tusker House in Disney's Animal Kingdom and then hit the hay.

What did you think? Did you enjoy the WDW 10k?

Check back here for race recaps of my 5k, Half, and Full experience.

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