Monday, November 3, 2014

I Can Haz Productivity: October 2014 Month in Review

Ah, October. Such a lovely month. I love fall! And October was awesome for a number of reasons.

1. The month started off with a trip to the North GA Mtns. Of course, the trip was for a Day Job related event so I didn't have much time to write. However, the scenery was lovely. Here's a pic from my room.

2. My brother-in-law turned 49. He’s a special guy and doctors said he wouldn’t live past 18. Well, he’s 49. If that’s not worth celebrating I don’t know what is. We went bowling and everyone had a ball. (lol, get it? A bowling ball? LOLOL)

3. There was pumpkin carving. I love carving pumpkins. Something about it brings me back to being a kid.

4. Oh, yeah, and the biggest of big news: I got into law school! See my post recapping my thoughts on unlocking this achievement here.

October saw a lot of activity. Some out of town travel - AND out of town guests staying with us – meant I had less time to edit. Here are the details:

2 visits from out of town friends/family (although only one set stayed with us)
1 beta for CP
1 out of town conference (for day job)
1 revision to my just-for-fun project (because sometimes you just need to have fun)
1 runDisney costume completed (updates to come)
1 edit completed on a previous story
1 long trail run (due to weather)
11 gym workouts (including elliptical and personal trainer)
0 novels read for fun (but I’m feeling the itch. Need to read more)

And words!!! *does happy dance* It’s tough to track all the words written during revisions. You write some you take some away. But there were still words! And any words should be celebrated. So this month’s grand total of 8,245 words. This brings my total ‘tracked’ word count to 132,599 for the year!

And as for miles ran, I am happy to report, 36 miles logged. Which brings my total ‘tracked’ mileage to 208.5 miles this year. I’m happy to be falling in love with running again.

All in all, it’s not a bad month. When combined with Sep, Aug, and July. I feel like I'm on a roll! I'm looking forward to what the holiday season will bring.

#NeverGiveUp #NeverSurrender

How are your writing goals coming along?

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