Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Skirt Power: I don't sweat, I sparkle

If you’ve thought about running a Disney race you’ve probably seen at least a bajillion pictures of people running in costume. They’re everywhere. Costumes are encouraged at these race (so long as they do not cover the face – for safety reasons).

Here's some totes adorb ideas from a running blog I love called According to Kelly:

Rapunzel (One of my favorites)

And the crew from Peter Pan (<3 gotta love tink)

Love these!! Check out more costume ideas on the blog According to Kelly.

Personally, the costumes took me by surprise at my first runDisney event in 2012 (my first full Marathon). I’d run several half’s and my hubby and I wanted our first FULL 26.2 to be fun, flat, and magical. The WDW Marathon was a perfect fit. And having grown up loving all things Disney (and having been to the park numerous times since I was a wee little kid) I was sure I knew what to expect.

I knew the parks would be magical to run through. I knew it would be like a bit of a peek behind the scenes. I knew the staff, volunteers, and character entertainment would be top notch (because, um Disney sets the bar pretty darn high). And I was sure the athletes running the race would be a mixture of serious, committed athletes and average, dream-big beginning athletes (like myself).

I never imagined so many athletes would be wearing costumes. From the serious to the average, costumes were donned by so many runners it was hard to keep track. You get your fair share of Disney Princesses but you also get Disney Villains, Pixar stars, and random superheroes.

The costumes that stood out the most to me were the ones that sparkled. Specifically, the skirts that sparkled. They were gorgeous, not just the glittery material used, but because of what they represented: women who worked hard but looked adorable doing it. Not it the perfect-hair and way that we expect of hard working women in the corporate world. These women were sporty, athletic, but having fun. Who knew a skirt could put a smile on your face?

The founders of the company have a pretty cool story: Get the deets on the Sparkle Athletic founders here.

Sparkle skirts were everywhere at Disney. So when I came back the next year to run the Goofy challenge (Half on Sat, Full on Sun – oh, and we decided to do the 5k on Fri too, why not?) I had to get my very own Sparkle skirt. Here’s a pre-race pic. As you can see, I’m ready to take on the day.

So when we decided to run the Dopey challenge I knew two things:

1. We would wear costumes

2. Mine would sparkle

If you follow me on Twitter you might have seen me post these:

Sketches of my Disney Princess costume ideas.

My hubby and I decided to do couples costumes for the 5k, 10k, and Half. (He, wisely declined to wear a costume for the full. I might be crazy!)

Obviously this will be a huge undertaking. Did I mention I am not crafty? But where there is a will there's a way. As the costumes come together I’ll include updates.

Do you have a Sparkle skirt, or any piece of clothing that makes you feel awesome/invincible/courageous/daring/inspired/vibrant? If so, share your story here:

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