Tuesday, April 9, 2013

9 Hashtags Every Writer Should Follow

If you're a N0ob in the Twitterverse have no fear. There are many hashtags that can bring you closer to writing/publishing enlightenment.

Here are my top 9 Hashtags Every Writer Should Follow:

1. #askagent - a forum where authors seek advice from Agents. Calm your pits, it's not the same as representation. These Agents are giving general advice to authors about a variety of topics.

2. #amwriting - a forum of rants and asides by writers about - you guessed it - writing. It's a great place to meet other writers and to vent about this glorious craft. This hashtag is used often which is always good. While I was writing this post 46 new tweets were posted using #amwriting.

3. #5amwriteclub - For those of us who have to get our writing done in the early morning hours the #5amwriteclub offers sprints, challenges, and emotional support to it's members.

4. #amediting - Similar to the #amwriting tag, #amediting is used by writers in the editing phase. If you're like me, you spend more time editing than drafting. This tag is full of fun and useful info.

5. #writing - The slightly less cool sister of #amwriting, #writing is a good place to hang out and meet people.

6. #fridaynightwrites - Perhaps the night owl brother to the ladies of #5amwriteclub, this night based tag includes similar challenges and support.

7. #nanowrimo - This tag is most highly utilized during, you guessed it: NaNoWriMo. Follow this tag and you'll get great insight into the highs and lows of the infamous novel writing challenge.

8. #writeclub - Which came first, the #5amwriteclub, the #fridaynightwriteclub, or, simply, #writeclub. I guess we'll never know.

9. #yalitchat - If you're a fan of YA, like me, then you'll want to follow the activity on this tag. Insights from writers, editors, agents, and teens help make this a insightful resource for authors.

Which hastags do you follow?

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