Friday, January 18, 2013

8 Writers you should follow on Twitter

I started this blog to create a central repository for writerly resources. I've been plotting and planning the posts I'd like to label 'resources.' Of course a writer today cannot speak of 'resources' without mentioning Twitter. There is a huge writer community in the Twitterverse and a lot of industry information is shared.

I've learned a lot just by following the right people. Here are eight writers you should follow on twitter for #amwriting tips and hilarity:

1.@LeighAnnKopans: She is a fun and insightful contributor to @YAMisfits. She tweets about her writing journey and often links up to very useful tips. And she’ll make you laugh – which is always good.

2.@MissDahlELama: she’s a Copy Editor and writer. A founding member of @YAMisfits. Her blog is a fantastic resource for questions about writing. Check out her Q&A series PERPETUAL WIPS here. She breaks them into groups: Querying Writers, Agented Writers, and Pre-Pub Writers. She also has a handy writers resources page.

3.@Janice_Hardy: YA Author and epic Tweep. She posts kicker tweets to articles and blogs around the interweb. Following Janice Hardy is like following a librarian with kick butt suggestions. She’s rarely wrong and has great information to share.

4.@AnneMCarpenter: An Indie author focused on mystery, suspense and romance. She posts often and generally drops pearly wisdom.

5.@ChuckWendig: A published author who tweeted nine times while I was writing this post – so he’s active. He is hilarious and plugged in. Follow Chuck for fun because it’ll be a ride.

6.@RaewynHewitt: Writing epic fantasy from the far away land of New Zealand. Raewyn regularly links to informational posts about craft.

7.@KathyLLogan: Marathoner and Author who tweets writing and marketing tips.

8.@AimeeLSalter: YA Author tweeting tips on improving your manuscript. Her blog has a great series about plotting.

Do you follow anyone who shares helpful information?


  1. Hi Colleen, I love this post. I follow most of these people but you gave me a few new suggestions! I have nominated your lovely little blog for the One Lovely Blog award. If you are interested in participating the details are on my blog :)

  2. Thank you so much for the shoutout!


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