Friday, February 1, 2013

8 Literary Agents You Should Follow in 2013

In an effort to continue my writerly resources I decided to spread the word about some awesome Agents out there. Last year, this post got a lot of traffic. Now, I'm not biased or anything: as of now I'm still unagented.

This list is comprised of Agents who provide helpful feedback or resources to writers via twitter:

1. Eric Ruben, Esq: Attorney, literary agent, talent manager. He regularly participates in #AskAgent and does a fun live tweet of his queries under #tenqueries

2. Michelle Wolfson: of Wolfson Literary. She generally tweets about hilarious daily life stuff but has been known to drop some industry tips from time to time.

3. Laura Bradford: of Bradford Literary Agency. Her tweets are an interesting peek behind the curtain; a day in the life of an agent.

4. Brittany Howard: junior agent with @Corvisierolit. She live tweets about queries under the hashtag #CorvisieroQueries. Her feedback is blunt and insightful. Totally worth a follow.

5. Bree Ogden: of D4EO. Tweets regularly and columnist at LitReactor.

6. Mandy Hubbard: also of D4EO. Tweets regularly and has been known to teach LitReactor classes on YA.

7. Suzie Townsend: of New Leaf Literary. She held a query critique several months back and I was lucky enough to get her feedback. Her advice was amazing.

Do you follow any helpful or entertaining Lit Agents?


  1. I would definitely add Sara Megibow and Sarah LaPolla to that list!

  2. Yes - great additions. They are both hilarious and offer great advice.


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