Tuesday, March 11, 2014

10 Up & Coming Writers You Should Know

If you need a laugh, boost, or just an interesting read, I suggest you follow one, any, or all of these 10 Up And Coming Writers:

1. Cherylanne, aka @CA_Corneille - She's a YA Writer, lover of Travel, a runner, an a Geek with a capital G. Originally from the wild west she's now living in sunny Florida where she tweets about her writerly exploits.

2. JA Ward, aka @JAWardWrites - She's a lover of good books, grilled cheese & anything cat-related. Music connoisseur. YA author seeking an agent soul mate. Contributor to @writerdiaries

3. Megan Peterson, aka @season141 - She's a writer, reader, wife, sister, daughter, and friend; addicted to coffee and pizza. In other words, she's just like you and me.

4. Ellie Moreton, aka @ByEllieMoreton - She writes YA Epic Fantasy, devours books and downs coffee. Follow her blog for more fun and insight into her writing journey.

5. Mark O Brien, aka @mobrienbooks - He's witty, funny, and all around awesome, Mark is a very active twitter user. He is a talented writer and a PitchWars Alum, like me.

6. Ashley De Young, aka @AshleyNDeYoung – She's a financial analyst, writer, MYSO cello coach, black belt x 3...chronic overachiever. She is a Pitchwars Alum, and teammate (go #teammostlyharmless)and all-around talented lady.

7. Paula Harvey, aka @PaulaLHarvey – She writes stories & daydreams, a lot. Probably too much (is there such a thing?).

8. Diana Souse, aka @DianaSousaBooks - She's a Writer that can be found near internet sources, and feeds on chocolate and books. Proficient in fantasy, sci fi, history, and being a nerd. She's a trip and a Pitchwars Alum and teammate. Go #Teammostlyharmless!

9. Kat, aka @ekatwrites - She's a writer . teacher . She ♥'s YA & hopes to publish her novel. A member of #scbwi. She has an exceptional voice and her work will definitely be in print some day soon.

10. Courtney Duff, aka @courtneysthird - She's a writer and head editor at @parable_press. She's fun if not a bit surly. Her fun tweets will keep a smile on your face.

Do you follow anyone who lights up your twitter feed, whether it be with humor, insight, or just general wittiness? Share your faves here:

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