Thursday, August 29, 2013

Let the Bachelorette Madness Begin

This month has been wild for me because my baby sister, my only sister, is getting married!! I have the honor of being her Matron of Honor (I hate being called a Matron, btw) and with that comes a boat load of responsibilities I've fallen short on.

But I'm trying my hardest here people! This is new to me. First time being a MOH.

Anyhoo, tonight we celebrate my sister's last moments as a Singleton. Here's a preview of what I've put together for the party:

So, with dancing safely out of the picture we declared the bachelorette to be:

And for theme, well, we picked the obvious theme:

Here's a real pic of me and my sis. This was for her birthday (as illustrated by her Spiderman super hero birthday button)

Tonight is going to be FUN. Even if I don't see a future for myself in the party planning industry.

Have you been to a great bachelorette party? Share your stories here:

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