Monday, August 19, 2013

Did Someone Say Wedding?

I'm not sure if I've shared this on the blog before, but, my sister is getting married. In just a few short weeks she will be taking the plunge. My family is thrilled and my hubby and I are excited because we get to be a part of the wedding party. Eeek!

So the blog will be quiet this month, for the most part, as my time will be better spent working on speeches and planning parties.

I'll be back to a more regular posting schedule next month. For now, here are some fun gifs from my favorite fictional couples. Enjoy.

First scene, when the bride finally takes the walk in 27 Dresses. I couldn't find the clip but it's a moving scene. I cry everytime. For laughs, there is this:

But no groom can beat Mr. Darcy for swoon factor. I'd swim in his lake any day.

And, think what you will, but I love a good ol' sappy love story. So Let's not forget these Adorabeezle couples:

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