Thursday, July 25, 2013

To Series or Not To Series

To series or not to series, that is the question. A quick review of publisher’s marketplace reveals many recent deals are for stand-alones or even duologies. Some publishing professionals say the trilogy is costly to produce (hello, gotta make three books), more difficult to sell in foreign markets (hello, gotta translate three books), and some say the market is saturated with trilogies (hello, reader fatigue). But others will argue the opposite, citing how a series can build momentum in a fan base and deliver a more engrossing experience to the consumer.

I’m a fan on trilogies. I love being involved in a story that is complex and evolving. I love revisiting a world again and again. But not all stories need to be trilogies. And not all genres translate well into the three book arch.

I see the allure of the ‘series’. I mean 3 is my lucky number but it’s also holy (triple deities or other forms of a trinity permeate several religions including Christianity, Buddhism, Wicca, and many more). 3 is even in our DNA (our genetic information is encoded using a triplet codon system). We seem hardcoded to group things in threes from music (a chord is made of three notes), to sports (hat-trick), and even geography (Tripoli is Greek for ‘three cities) so telling a story in three parts seems totally natural. Perhaps the biggest debate around the number three involves the thumb. Do you use your thumb when making the number three or not? I, personally, do not use my thumb. It just seems weird to stick it out like that....Are you hitch hiking or making the number three?

Whether you make a three with your thumb or without, I can see why so many YA authors write trilogies. YA is an example of an audience whose stories fit well into the three book arch because the subject matter revolves around the evolution of the character.

If you are looking for a good YA trilogy check these out:

The ‘Serena’ trilogy by Anna Banks. Currently published through book two (Of Poseidon and Of Triton). A tale of mermaids, shark attacks, love and loss. It’s been great so far. I can’t wait for the third installment.

The ‘Sweet’ Trilogy by Wendy Higgins. Currently published through book two (Sweet Peril and Sweet Evil). The love interest in this series will get you hot – it’s his job. This is a tale of demons and their struggle to do right (and wrong) to their human counterparts. Love love love this!

The ‘Beautiful Dark’ Trilogy by Jocelyn Davies. Currently published through book two (A Beautiful Dark and A Fractured Light). A tale of angels (and their fallen brothers). I gotta say, something about angels with black wings gets me excited. I just love the idea. This story will keep you guessing who the bad guy really is.

The ‘Carrier’ Trilogy by Leigh Fallon. Currently published through book two (Carrier of The Mark and Shadow of The Mark). A tale of elementals and their struggle to balance nature. It’s different which I like. Also, takes place in Ireland which is awesome.

The 'Fin' trillogy by Tera Lynn Childs. Currently published through book three! (Woo hoo) This series involves mermaids, royalty, hot athletes and intrigue. Haven't read it? Have not fear - I'm giving away the first two books in the series to one lucky reader. Oh, and the cherry on top? Both books have been signed by the author!! Enter below.

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Have you read a trilogy that you loved? Share your fave trilogies here:

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