Friday, July 12, 2013

Conference Mania #RWA13

RWA13 is next week! I’m so excited (and nervous) I can hardly stand it.

For those of you who don’t know, RWA13 is the Romance Writers of America annual conference. Writers, authors, agents, and editors are traveling to ATL for this three day event. Luckily, I live in the hot mess that is ATL so no need to travel (and by travel I mean get on a plane. I still have to get in the ABYSMAL traffic for 45 mins – 75 mins to get to the venue each day *sigh*). Note: If you are staying off site you should consider taking MARTA to and from.

This is my first writers conference so I want to make the most of it. I wanted a big conference experience and RWA fits the bill. It’s got classes on so many aspects of this bussines, from craft to managing the business finances of writing (yay), and vendors to take your headshot or print your business cards. See my cards from MOO below.

Aren’t they pretty? (Thanks MOO and RWA)

I’ve even done research on the lectures I want to attend, scheduled a ‘rough’ agenda to follow each day, and have even signed up for agent and editor appointments.

Possibly the best part about this conference is the chance to meet writers face to face. Most authors have awesome avi’s but a thumbnail digital image can only take you so far. I’m very lucky that a writer friend from one of my LitReactor classes will be in attendance (hey CA!).

If you are nervous about attending a conference (like I was/am) here are some helpful links to help you understand what to expect: Top 10 Ways for an Introvert to Survive a Conference.

Angela Quarles's One Stop Shop for [RWA conference] Linkage.

Another great idea is to follow the conference hashtag on twitter. I joined conversations using the #RWA13 tag and met several awesome writers already.

Are you going to RWA13 - or any other writers conference this year? Any tips? Share here:

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