Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Writing Goals - are you flatlining?

Have your efforts flatlined?

And no, I don't mean that awesome old movie where Julia Roberts, Kevin Bacon, and Keifer go crazy and push the envelope of 'near' death experiences. Although, I did love that movie when I was a kid.

I can't believe it's already June. June means more than conferences, sunshine, and vacation. It means we are half way through 2013. Woo hoo!!*blows horn* *throws cupcakes* *releases unicorns*

It also means it's time to look back at our list of goals to determine where we are and what our next steps should be.

This year I have 10 writing goals. Probably not a lot compared to some of my super-human-multi-tasking, writerly friends but still. It's a start.

Here's where I am so far:

1. Finish Draft 10 of WIP (Done, 1.27.13)

2. Query WIP beginning in April (Done - Started and stopped...but definitely started in April)

3. Finish Nano Project between April - July (underway...)

4. Build twitter network to 300 followers (Done, 5.21.13)

5. Join the LitReactor community (Done, 1.25.13)

6. Take a writing class (Done - Litreactor YA class, Feb)

7. Join a professional writers group (Money is tight so this might be tough)

8. Attend a conference?? Scary one (Booked RWA 2013!! - Eek!)

9. Enter 2 contests - fun goal (1st contest entered in May. One down, one to go: *Update* second contest entered in July! woo hoo!)

10. Blog regularly - at least once a month (underway...)

6 of my 10 writing goals are already complete. That's pretty awesome if you ask me. A lot of momentum. Which is what happens when you write things down. (Funny how that works - right?)

As far as next steps? I think I'm going to keep pushing forward. And who knows, I might even add a goal or two before the year is out.

Where are you? Are you tracking progress towards completing your writing goals?

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