Friday, March 8, 2013

Day Job Can Make You a Stronger Writer: Stability

Day Jobs can be a burden, let's be honest. They can flat out suck. But there are many reasons why a DJ can make you a better, stronger, writer. Whether it's world building or skin-thickening the DJ has it's purpose.

Most recently, I'm happy to report that the DJ is helping me become a better writer because it provides something so simple, so necessary, that it's probably overlooked. STABILITY.

Or as Mel Gibson might say: Freeeeeeeeeedoooooooooooom!

Many writers have said it before me: The DJ is the platform that allows you to write. Most recently, my DJ provided me the opportunity to pay off a great deal of debt. And when I say 'great deal' I don't mean like I got these shoes for a steal at Macy's. No. I mean huge. Stinking. Piles. of debt. School debt, car debt, credit card debt, and the list goes on and on. And it' my DJ that is slowly enabling my family to get one step closer to financial freedom.

So let's raise a glass huge-freaking-goblet of wine and toast to the DJ for the relentless way it kicks us in the ass, pushing us ever forward. Don't know how? Just follow the example set by these two mustachioed gentlemen. *Cheers*

What reasons do you have to be thankful for your Day Job? How has your Day Job helped you become a better writer?


  1. It does help you become a better writer, because I know when I have a hard day at work, and I sit down at my computer, it's my "flow" time. It's my relax time and I just write, write, write. I have the thoughts throughout the day and they finally come out.

    Besides writing my YA, I work with children and I would love to write Children's books as well, so seeing what they're interested in really helps me!

    1. So true Jessica. Writing relaxes me after a hard day. Thanks so much for your comment.


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