Monday, August 13, 2012

Writerly Resource: Conference Confusion Cleared

'Yes, I know exactly what you mean.' *no I don't*

IRL, if you're like me you've probably felt overwhelmed at times trolling through the writer blogs on the interwebs. The dreaded information overload leads to analysis paralysis. At least that's what my office dwelling colleagues and I call it. When this happens to me I try to pause *panic on the inside* and put structure around what I'm seeing. Besides, organizational ability is next to godly ability....wait, no. Organizationliness is next to godliness. Yes, that's it.

In honor of participating in my first conference, WriteOnCon, I've decided to shine a light on the wild world of conferences. If you follow agents, editors, or publishers on twitter your feed will be periodically consumed with acronyms.

What, you didn't know Backspace wasn't just a key your little finger likes to hit? No, ABA isn't a Swedish pop group (that's ABBA).

Now you don't have to pretend like you know what everyone is talking about. @yaHighway posted a brilliant piece defining the conference acro's. Check it out here. @yaHighway is a group of young adult authors living all over the world. You can join them on their global road trip as we read, write, and adore all things YA!. Or follow them on twitter.

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